Student Pilot’s First Solo Flight

Friday was a great day for one student pilot and for aviation here!

For one thing, the world’s only flying B-29 was at our airport for two days. This is one big and beautiful machine. It sounds pretty, too!

Photo of B-29 bomber on the ground at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USAThere was a huge crowd waiting to tour this piece of American history, especially Friday.

People are still interested in airplanes!

The other great thing about Friday: Student Pilot Jeff soloed! After going around the pattern three times with me, executing a good go-around and three nearly-perfect landings, we pulled over so I could do the paperwork authorizing him to fly the plane by himself. This is always a very significant event in the life of every pilot!

Photo of Jeff, Student Pilot, in a Piper Warrior immediately after his first solo flight.Jeff made two touch-and-go landings, then he brought the airplane and his smile back to the hangar where I was waiting. You can see the smile in the photo above!

He has a full-time job and has been working hard to achieve this milestone. He’s not been using Pro Flight Simulator or any other PC-based simulator since his lessons started. But such simulators can help the learning process, even for those working toward their Private Pilot license.

Congratulations, Jeff!

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